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Hearing Aid Products

Amazon Links to Helpful Hearing Aid Products, I try to find the best prices for you and use these links to support the hearing club as they are all affiliate links.

Wax Filters



Wax filters for Phonak, KS9 & KS10 hearing aids.

trans starkey.png


Wax filters for Starkey Hearing Aids


ProWax Minifit

Wax filters for Oticon, Philips and other OTC RIC hearing aids


Wax filters for the Audien Atom 2 & Atom Pro 2

trans cerustop.png


Wax filters for GN Hearing aids and varius others, very common

Your Filters

If your filters aren't listed or you don't know what you need, message me.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Perfect Drylux

Must have hearing aid dryer and sanitizer



A lanyard for your RIC or BTE Hearing aids so you don't lose them.   See Video

dryer trans.png

Wisesorb Dryer

Generic and inexpensive, very effective drying cup


Ear Gear Sleeves

A lanyard and sleeves for protection against sweat ALL in ONE

roku trans.png

Roku Streamer

A nice Universal tv streamer you can use with all bluetooth hearing aids. See video

Mold Cleaning Spray

This is for cleaning wax from custom molds, domes and your hearing aids.

Welcome Fine Folks!

If you would like to request a certain product link or you need wax filters that aren't listed here, please sign up and message me on the website or email me. If you are unsure of what you need or you don't know what wax filter your hearing aid takes, message me. I will update the list and add your wax filters. I am here to help and will also find the best prices for you!


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