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Elehear Giveaway

We will be doing another drawing for a Brand New Pair of Elehear Alpha Pro OTC Hearing Aids. The drawing will be done during a live stream on the Hearing Club youtube channel. The live stream will be on Friday Night, Feb 9th @ 9pm est. This will be the 2nd drawing since the last winner never claimed their prize. If you win, message me here on the website, email me or message me on ANY of the social channels, Facebook or Twitter! Good luck ladies and gents!

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The Boss
The Boss
Feb 05

Thank you so much for the great feedback and support of the channel. I appreciate you!


Just found your YouTube channel recently. Great information and have learned a lot from you already. Much appreciated. My hearing loss is due to recent chemotherapy medication used for treatment. The good news is I’m in remission and feeling great. Looking forward to getting my first set of hearing aids. Thanks for all you do with the channel. Best regards, Tom Z.

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